How to Achieve a Healthy, White Smile

Over-the-counter, or DIY, teeth whitening products have been accepted by most Australians as viable options to professional teeth whitening. Though do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits are now considered mainstream and normal, there is still confusion as to which teeth whitening products to use, how and if they actually work, and which ones to use.

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Did you know that smiling will boost and improve your mood? In 2019, psychologists proved¹ that facial expressions do alter our moods. The study, spanned over 50 years, also showed that people do not smile simply due to lack of confidence or unhappiness with their smile.

How Our Teeth Get Discoloured

Savvy Aussies are now exploring viable budget-friendly DIY methods on how to whiten their teeth, and keep them white. Here we will go over the best ways to whiten and maintain your teeth.

Let’s review why our teeth get discoloured, the how-to’s and benefits of DIY teeth whitening, and how best to maintain a healthy white smile.

How Our Teeth Get Discoloured

Teeth staining and discolouration is natural, and many factors dictate how quickly teeth can discolour. Read here for a more in-depth article on what causes enamel stains and what foods and drinks to avoid, to counter tooth discolouration. 

DIY Teeth Whitening

One main reason why our teeth turn darker is because of age. It is natural and is happening to all of us. Understanding this is important before taking the first step in logically being able to combat tooth discolouration.

Recognising certain food and drinks to avoid will also slow down the daily darkening and browning of our teeth. A simple diet change may help alleviate teeth staining. 

Discolouration also occurs due to bad dental hygiene practices. Brushing and flossing daily is fundamental in reducing stains. Make sure to go over the best ways to maintain good dental hygiene here.

Understanding that teeth discolouration is natural and occurs to everyone will help alleviate any unwise, panic-driven decisions that can be made when considering DIY teeth whitening. Yellow teeth due to ageing is a natural process that occurs to all of us. However, whitening teeth is a process that can easily be achieved by all of us too! 

DIY Teeth Whitening

Gone are the days of having to visit a dental professional to get great teeth whitening results. Unfortunately, many Australians still believe that this is the only way to get your dream shade. Ask yourselves - which method of teeth whitening would best suit you?

Do It Yourself 

Dental Professional



Do at Home

Visit dentist every few weeks

No Pain

More Pain

Follow Simple Daily Routine

Hours Spent at a dentist

Saving money, time, and avoiding painful dental visits tend to be the answer most Australians would choose, thus paving the way for the rise in popularity of over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

All teeth whitening products are not created equal. In fact, choosing which take-home teeth whitening products to use may be the most important decision you will need to make during the whole process. We’ve mentioned in several of our previous blogs how important it is to choose tested, dentist-approved, and safe teeth whitening products.

Bliss Oral Care offers an extensive line-up of DIY teeth whitening products that are safe, clinically proven to work, and the company is Australian run and owned.

Whitening teeth is a process, one that we’ve described in much detail here, but reviewing the process is always important to do.

Start by focusing on improving your basic dental hygiene. This includes brushing and flossing after each meal.  Using reputable teeth whitening products improves the health of your teeth, reduces the time it takes to whiten teeth, and minimises risks of discomfort or damage to your teeth.

Bliss Oral Care simplifies the process down to ‘Prime - Brush - Whiten’. Brush and floss regularly while using a priming and whitening toothpaste. Whiten after each brush by applying teeth whitening strips. Establishing a routine of doing this a few times a day, and sticking to it, is key in achieving a healthy and white smile quickly.

Pro Tip

It is impossible to overstate just how important brushing teeth is to the teeth whitening process. It is often listed as the most important step in whitening teeth at home.  Invest in a good sonic toothbrush. The Bliss toothbrush ups the rotations per minute of your average manual toothbrush by over 50 times!  This will not only help keep teeth and gums clean, but will also accelerate the teeth whitening process.  

good sonic toothbrush

How to Maintain a Healthy White Smile

Maintaining a healthy white smile is not an industry secret or even hard to do.  Some might mistakenly think that their ‘mission’ is successfully completed once their teeth are at the desired level of whiteness. This is wrong. Remember that our teeth are always naturally discolouring. Priming, brushing, and whitening are steps that should continuously be followed when trying to maintain a healthy white smile. Establishing and adhering to a daily brushing and whitening routine is the easiest way to ensure all the hard work of whitening teeth doesn’t go to waste.  

Avoid discolouring your whiter teeth with super staining food and drinks like coffee or highly acidic fruits. If you’ve given into the temptation, again,  make sure to brush after doing so. You can read up here on which food and drink culprits to avoid the most.  Do try and quit smoking.  Avoiding all tobacco products will produce the maximum teeth whitening results.

How to Maintain a Healthy White Smile


Achieving and maintaining a healthy white smile is now within reach for everybody.  Unfortunately, many simply do not know where to start and how to do it. Do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits and take-home teeth whitening products now provide safe and effective tools to whiten teeth from the comfort of our homes. Teeth whitening is now more affordable than ever!²!

Teeth whitening has always been seen as too expensive, too time consuming, or too painful for many to consider. Bliss Oral Care whitening products ensure that the opportunity to boost self esteem via a healthier and whiter smile is now available to everyone!