About Us

Hello and welcome to Bliss, where white and healthy teeth are no longer an expensive, time-consuming luxury!

Our founders Dom and Ash (pictured) got fed up with companies that didn't disclose their ingredients, didn't care about their customers, and sold products that didn't work.

After extensive research and clinical trials, Bliss Oral Care was born! We now have a dedicated team of teeth whitening and smile brightening experts. Pure and simple, our goal is to create whiter, healthier smiles. We do that by working with leading dental experts from around the world.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and ensure our products exceed all health and safety standards.

Our range is highly effective, easy to use, safe on your teeth and gums and will not cause sensitivity. Now you can prime, brush, and whiten your smile, knowing your teeth are in professional hands.

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Our Philosophy

We think it is important to leave your health to the experts.  That is why our enamel-safe products are developed and approved by dentists, to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy during the whitening process.

We also think having brighter teeth should be simple, without a bathroom cabinet full of strange - and often painful - products and hefty instructions.  That's why every Bliss product is designed to be easy and straightforward to use, made with clinically-proven formulas and cruelty-free, mouth-friendly ingredients that work.

Our Mission

FACT: Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Be memorable.

At Bliss, we believe everyone should feel confident about their smile. This is why we designed a range of effective teeth whitening and oral care products to safely lift stains and brighten teeth. Our dentist-developed, no mess, no fuss line-up will brighten your smile, without disrupting your day

Our Values

Our oral care range is backed by science. We promise to provide products that are backed by clinical studies and are proven to work.

We continually search for the best ingredients and technologies to improve and expand our range. We’re passionate about creating healthy, whiter smiles that are easy to maintain, all while caring for the environment and minimising our use of plastics.

Results Driven
Fed up of fads that don’t deliver? We are too! We pride ourselves on giving you results that are fuss-free and quick and easy to maintain. On average, our whitening products can whiten your teeth up to 7 shades after one easy two-week course.

Lets face it, professional teeth whitening treatments are expensive - with results only lasting a matter of weeks. Our high-quality whitening range however, can be used daily to help you achieve a lasting whitening effect without the need to take out a loan!

Get Started Today.

Grab our Ultimate Whitening Kit and Prime, Brush, and Whiten your way to a brighter smile today!

Ultimate Whitening Kit Ultimate Whitening Kit Bliss Oral Care
Ultimate Whitening Kit
Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit, Teeth Whitening Kit Australia, Bliss Oral Care
Ultimate Whitening Kit Ultimate Whitening Kit Bliss Oral Care
Ultimate Whitening Kit Ultimate Whitening Kit Bliss Oral Care

Ultimate Whitening Kit

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Introducing our award-winning 3-Step Whitening System: Prime. Brush. Whiten. Our Ultimate Whitening Kit has it all - Sonic Whitening Toothbrush, Whitening Primer Toothpaste, Leave-In & Dissolving Whitening Strips, a Travel Case + a FREE Mint Breath Spray for the next 100 shoppers! Noticeably cleaner and whiter teeth in 14 days or your money back! Experience Australia's #1 whitening Kit risk-free today. T&Cs apply.