Professional Teeth Whitening - Is it Worth It?

Professional Teeth Whitening - Is it Worth It?-Bliss Oral Care

Home remedy hacks or DIY methods for teeth whitening are all the rage now.  As they should be.  There are many proven methods in which people are whitening their teeth, avoiding the expensive professional teeth whitening visits to their dentist.  Like at home teeth whitening kits!

Before expounding on how much cheaper these DIY methods are, we must first have an understanding of whether a visit to a professional is worth it or not, when looking at all options to whitening our teeth.  

Check out our article on cool teeth whitening hacks here.  Decisions should only be made if and when all relevant information has been gathered.  So here’s our take on professional teeth whitening - and whether it’s worth it or not.

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Professional Cleaning

According to “The 2017 national dental fee survey reported that teeth cleaning for an adult in Australia (item 011, 114, 121) can cost up to $335. This includes a general check-up and clean with a fluoride treatment. The price for two x-rays (item 022 x 2) can be up to an additional $118.”

The above check-up and clean should be done before any teeth whitening process - and can cost up to $453.  This clean should not be skipped, as it removes built-up tartar and plaque on the teeth.  It would be a pointless teeth whitening visit if the clean is not done first.

The advantage that a professional dentist has is that they will use a much more concentrated mixture of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide in their whiteners versus the DIY or at-home teeth whiteners.  

The average over-the-counter teeth whitening product contains 6% peroxide - the maximum amount recommended per the ADA is 10%.  22% is the strongest at home solution that is available for take-home solutions.  These should be used with a lot of caution.

Your dentist will use a whitening solution that can contain up to 35% peroxide.  This is where the word “professional” kicks in.  A solution this strong can only be left on teeth surfaces for a certain amount of time and will cause extreme teeth sensitivity - and possible pain - afterwards. reports based on its National Dental Fee Survey from 2017, where a take-home whitening kit can cost an average of $610.  Professional in-chair whitening can cost up to $260 a tooth.  So why do it?

As stated above, dentists use a much more powerful solution when whitening teeth.  They also follow a strict methodology and keep you on a schedule during the teeth whitening process.  They will also quickly catch any complications or negative side effects that may occur during the teeth whitening process.  Gum irritation and tooth sensitivity often occurs - and having a professional dentist there to recognise it and advise can give peace of mind.

Another often overlooked benefit that is in a professional teeth whitening cost is the custom molded whitening tray a dentist will make for you.  These are much more effective than strips or generic over the counter trays - but of course, they should be for that cost.


Is Teeth Whitening at the Dentist Worth It?

Getting your teeth whitened professionally may be worth paying all that money in very serious cases.  Do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits are much cheaper and show amazing results when it comes to whitening teeth and keeping teeth healthy.  In most cases -  it is not worth going to see a professional.  

A little research on which at-home teeth whitening kit to use can go a long way.  Saving money by not going to a dentist will only be wasted if the wrong teeth whitening kit is chosen.  Bliss Oral Care products are an affordable yet effective DIY option.

Be sure to read and follow all instructions before application.  

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