Teeth Whitening Facts & Myths Busted

Teeth Whitening Facts & Myths Busted-Bliss Oral Care

Teeth whitening is the trending, at-home, do-it-yourself cosmetic procedure that can remove stains and discolouration on your teeth. 

It is one of the most popular dental procedures and has proven to have amazing results in keeping teeth healthy and white. 

There are many incorrect facts, and myths out there. We break these down and give you all the facts about teeth whitening. 

Teeth Whitening Products Do Not Damage Teeth

When used properly, teeth whitening products do not harm the teeth or gums. The whitening solution is the same that the dental industry uses, which penetrates the pores of the teeth while removing stains and discolouration.

Teeth Whitening Takes Time

Beware of any products that claim to magically whiten your teeth in a matter of minutes.  

Stain removal and teeth whitening is a process that takes time, often taking several applications and even months of consistent use.  The active ingredients in the gel takes time to penetrate the enamel of the teeth and begin the bleaching process.  Bliss Leave-In Whitening Strips are an effective and inexpensive example of a safe and amazing DIY teeth whitening product.

Use Teeth Whitening Solution Before Going to Bed

Your teeth are at their highest risk of re-staining immediately after teeth whitening.  This is because the pores of the teeth are wider, allowing for easier penetration of any substance.  Using teeth whitening products before bed, after flossing, reduces any opportunities for staining, as well as giving the teeth the night to rehydrate and remineralise.  

Use Teeth Whitening Solution

Tooth Sensitivity is Normal

Having sensitive teeth immediately after teeth whitening is normal. A majority of people have sensitive teeth due to genetics, thin enamel on teeth, or damaged or cracked teeth. 

Applying teeth whitening solution dehydrates the teeth, minimising the teeths’ ability to insulate from temperature changes. This causes sensitivity in the teeth.  It is normal. This sensitivity should go away 12-36 hours after any teeth whitening process. You can minimise the sensitivity by using tooth foam or toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Do Not Expect 100% White Teeth

Not everyone’s teeth can achieve a perfect shade of white. Genetics dictates how white our teeth are. Some teeth will not be glowing white, no matter how strict our oral hygiene is. 

It is important to realise this before attempting to whiten your teeth. The goal of using teeth whiteners should not be to get “perfectly white teeth”. Instead, it should be to “remove all stains and discolouration from my teeth”.

Teeth Are Like Sponges

Teeth have pores. What you put in your mouth absorbs into these pores.  Substances like coffee, wine, berries, soft drinks, and cigarettes stain teeth.  Teeth darken and stain if left untreated and unchecked.


Do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits are safe. It will soon become the norm as more and more people find that using them saves not only money, but time. 

Read all instructions before purchasing and applying any teeth whitening product. Products such as Bliss Leave-In Whitening Strips are simple to use and safe, but have an application process that needs to be followed for the maximum effectiveness.