The Perfect Routine for White Teeth

The Perfect Routine for White Teeth-Bliss Oral Care

Have you heard that the best way to keep healthy white teeth is to follow a good oral hygiene routine? Do-it-yourself (DIY) or take home oral care and teeth whitening kits are trending and here to stay. The advent of YouTube, TikTok and Instagram have accelerated the industry and consumer spending. 

One thing that still stands out amongst the myriad of online advice is - stick to a strict daily oral hygiene routine. Make sure to treat the teeth with safe and quality oral hygiene products. Consistency is key!  

What is Oral Hygiene?

The strict definition from the Medical-Dictionary states that “Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth clean and healthy by brushing and flossing to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.” But today’s definition also includes whitening teeth as well.

What is the best method for keeping our mouth and teeth free of disease and whiter? Here’s an introduction on how to do so while avoiding the expensive, painful, and time consuming age old method of visiting a dentist. Have a quick read here if you need a refresher on more oral hygiene hacks and tricks that can all be done from home.

The Perfect Routine for White Teeth

The most difficult part of any routine is simply choosing to follow it. With that in mind, the Bliss Oral Care Team would advise you to keep the routine simple and fun. Understanding why the routine is needed and how it works should make it easier to stay motivated.

Residue from everything we eat and drink stick to the teeth. If left unattended, bacteria from the leftover food and drink can cause plaque. Plaque build up causes cavities, discolouring of the teeth, and tooth and gum decay. A good oral hygiene routine minimises this.  

The classic advice to brush 3 times a day is the basis of our perfect teeth whitening routine. Keep in mind, using dependable teeth whitening products will make as much of a difference to keeping your teeth healthy as staying on routine. Bliss Oral Care products not only help keep teeth plaque free and white - they are safe and gentle to use.  

“Brush 3 times a day” version 2.0 now asks that you not only brush your teeth, but that you rinse before brushing, brush, floss, then rinse again. This needs to be done after every meal or snack with the minimum being once in the morning, midday, and night.  

Quickest results are achieved when modern teeth whitening products are used during our oral hygiene routine. Use a good sonic toothbrush. Doing so can knock months off of how much time it takes to see the teeth getting whiter. Using whitening toothpaste and applying whitening strips during the routine also are vital for quick results.

The key is finding and setting aside 5 minutes after each meal and then sticking to the routine. If motivation is still needed, imagine yourself lying in the dentist's chair during a ‘routine’ cleaning. This should make sticking to your oral hygiene routine much easier to do!  

The perfect routine is one that works for you. Make sure to go through your teeth whitening process 3-5 times a day.  Use good teeth whitening products!  It’s simply not maximising your efforts if you do not. A good sonic toothbrush is hundreds of times more effective than a traditional one. Teeth whitening strips  are just as effective in whitening teeth as a visit to a professional dental hygienist whilst being much less painful and expensive.


The perfect routine for whiter teeth has not changed drastically. The advancements in dental hygiene technology and understanding should be incorporated into it. Brushing and flossing are still core principles in maintaining a healthy and white smile. Make sure to fuse in today’s innovativeness and medicinal advancements to the perfect oral hygiene routine.