The Perfect Way for Smokers to Whiten their Teeth

We all are aware of the health risks and side effects associated with smoking cigarettes.  One of the many negative side effects, listed by smokers in Australia, is ‘smokers teeth’. The best way for smokers to whiten their teeth may be unknown to many, as there is now a rush of information and products, which can be confusing.

Basic Dental Hygiene

The brownish-yellow colour that smokers get on their teeth is the impetus that drives many smokers to finally quit. How do smokers whiten their discoloured teeth to the pearly white colour of their pre-smoking days? We'll list the perfect ways for smokers to whiten their teeth.

Basic Dental Hygiene

Studies show that smokers tend to have worse overall dental hygiene compared to those who do not smoke. The reasons vary, but many state that keeping their teeth clean and white is not a priority as long as they still smoke.  

It seems to only become a priority once they consider ways to stop smoking. Teeth colour abruptly climbs to the top of many smokers', or ex-smokers', priorities once they quit smoking.

Reinstating good dental hygiene should be step #1. Brushing, flossing, and using teeth whitening products should be done multiple times a day. Check out our article on dental hygiene, creating a routine, and how to quickly whiten teeth for more details.

Teeth Whitening Products

Smokers' teeth undergo daily abuse with an accumulation of tar and nicotine build up. This build up accelerates the discoloration on the teeth and will also lead to cavities - if not worse. The nicotine, tar and bacteria can do some pretty severe damage to the enamel of the teeth, as well as cause serious damage to the gums. Brushing and flossing daily will not be able to repair all of the discolouration that smoking creates, but will ensure the surface of the teeth are clean and ready for the stains to be lifted.

Teeth whitening products are the next phase for smokers to whiten their teeth, once good dental hygiene is re-established. Teeth whitening products vary, but we recommend whitening strips to lift stains. Teeth whitening strips cover most of the surface of your teeth and are an unobtrusive, quick, and easy method of whitening teeth.

Teeth Whitening Products

Australian owned, Bliss Oral Care offers a complete oral strip line-up - perfect for smokers who are looking to whiten their teeth. Dentist approved, safe and natural ingredients, as well as ease-of-use all establish teeth whitening strips as the most effective method of lifting stains off the enamel on smokers' teeth.

Another product often overlooked is a good electronic or sonic toothbrush. The use of these accelerates the teeth whitening process by offering much deeper and impactful cleaning and stain lifting while brushing. These brushes can rotate at thousands of rotations per minute vs hand brushing that only produces just 30-40. Sonic toothbrushes are an easy way to accelerate whitening teeth.  We suggest looking at this sonic whitening toothbrush - proven to work and dentist-approved.

Stop Smoking

Not to overstate it, but everyone needs to stop smoking. Many Aussies quit and follow the steps listed above to whiten their teeth - then return to smoking. This will make it super difficult to whiten the teeth at a sustainable level.  The layers of nicotine and tar mitigate any progress good teeth whitening products and dental hygiene offer.

For those who find it difficult to quit we suggest finding other ways to wean off of cigarettes. Vaping has quickly assumed the role as the best and healthiest option to smoking. We advise fellow Australians to give PodVapes a go. Their goal is to help smokers quit and to quit for good! 

Stop Smoking

Pod vape devices are the cheapest, safest, and easiest ways to get that nicotine kick - while also allowing the vaper to lower their nicotine intake. Vaping is not as harsh on the teeth as is smoking combustible cigarettes, and offers a cleaner way to ingest nicotine - all while allowing teeth to heal.


Looking at smokers' teeth from a health perspective, discoloured teeth can be seen as the temporary hero, if it drives smokers to quit. Though a massive blow to a smokers' self esteem, smokers' teeth is just that - a temporary problem that can be remedied.

Luckily, there are solutions to smokers having brown and discoloured teeth. Good dental hygiene, quality teeth whitening products, and alternatives to smoking like vaping, all create a light at the end of the tunnel for discouraged smokers and ex-smokers alike.