4 Things to Know Before Teeth Whitening


Millions of us dream of a cheerful bright white smile - a powerful source of confidence and attractiveness. Using one of the most well-liked items known as teeth whitening strips is the simplest way to improve the appearance of your smile. Teeth whitening strips are affordable and are safe to use, making them ideal for everyone.

Although teeth whitening strips are a well-liked and extensively advertised product, can they actually whiten teeth?

Depending on the quantity and concentration of the active whitening ingredient, different whitening products will have varying outcomes.

Teeth whitening strips are one of the most widely used over-the-counter at-home whitening solutions. The amounts of peroxide used in whitening strips, as well as how well they whiten teeth, vary significantly between manufacturers.

The most effective brands of whitening strips can significantly improve the appearance of your smile and lighten your teeth by several shades, whereas less efficient brands won't get you the same outcomes. To choose the right product while buying whitening products online, it's crucial to read reviews and ratings.

Here are some of the few crucial things to know before deciding to whiten your teeth.


How do teeth whitening strips work?

How do teeth whitening strips work

Made of safe-to-use flexible plastic material, a teeth whitening strip is coated with teeth whitening gel and includes hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

The gel in the strip sticks to the surface of the teeth and holds it in place, allowing the gel to enter the tooth and start the whitening process. Depending on the condition of your teeth, you may need to undergo several whitening procedures to achieve optimum results.

How do teeth whitening strips work

The American Dental Association (ADA) claims that teeth whitening strips can effectively eliminate both internal and exterior stains on teeth. However, it would always be good to talk with a dentist about these items and their use.


Things to know before whitening your teeth

Things to know before whitening your teeth

1. Whitening Process Removes Surface Stains

Teeth whitening strips remove surface stains from the teeth. But how does this work? Whitening strips include a hydrogen peroxide gel that penetrates into the teeth and removes surface stains. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that works by breaking down the molecules that cause teeth to become stained. If you are looking for an affordable and safe way to achieve brighter teeth, hydrogen peroxide whitening strips are the solution for you.

2. Clean Teeth Before Whitening

If you are considering home whitening treatment using teeth whitening strips, make sure to properly brush and floss to remove plaque and debris from your teeth before treatment. It is also crucial to keep the teeth whitening strips adhered to your teeth to enhance the whitening action. But BE CAREFUL - normal flouride toothpastes work against whitening strips. Using a sonic whitening toothbrush with a whitening primer toothpaste is the best way to prepare teeth for whitening.

whitening primer toothpaste

3. You may feel some slight sensitivity

Although using teeth whitening strips have very little side effects, it is always advised by professionals to avoid getting the whitening gel in contact with your gums as this could cause some minor discomfort/sensation. Such sensations are usually temporary and will disappear in some time. Also, before using teeth whitening strips, make sure your teeth are in good condition with no gum disease or cavities.

4. Real results in less than 5 days

The effects of teeth whitening with whitening strips can be seen within an hour of use. Experts advise applying a whitening strip to the top and lower teeth for 5 days (60 minutes daily) will provide whiter, brighter teeth. 

Why choose Bliss Oral Care's whitening strips?
Why choose Bliss Oral Care's whitening strips

Bliss Dissolving Whitening Strips contain the same ingredients used by dentists, so rest assured you’re getting a safe and effective whitening experience, all without the price tag and the hassle of finding time in your busy schedule for a trip to the dentist.They are also mint flavoured, so you can freshen your breath at the same time!

Forget worrying about stained teeth from that second glass of red. Dissolving Whitening Strips will help you hide a multitude of sins. These ultra-thin, transparent strips dissolve in less than 15 minutes, to keep your smile bright while on-the-go - anywhere, any time!

Benefits of Bliss Oral Care's whitening strips

  • Easy to use.

  • On the go whitening in 15 minutes.

  • Use day or night.

  • Choose between Leave-In Teeth Whitening Strips or Dissolving Teeth Whitening treatments.

  • Inexpensive.


How to use Bliss dissolving teeth whitening strips

Use once or twice a day (morning and evening) following the simple instructions below. Brushing teeth with Bliss Whitening Primer Toothpaste before the application will enhance your whitening results.

1. Apply either side of one strip to lower teeth, avoiding gum line.

2. Fold excess strip behind the teeth. The strip will adhere to teeth. Repeat for the upper teeth.

3. Allow to dissolve. The strips should be fully dissolved after approximately 15-20 minutes. Rinse mouth with water



With recent advancements in design and technology, hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening strips have become the ultimate at-home method to whiten your teeth and keep them white.

Using teeth whitening strips regularly can be one of the most effective ways to lift stains and restore the natural white glow of your teeth right from the comfort of your home. Teeth whitening strips like Bliss Oral Care’s Leave-in Teeth Whitening Strips and Dissolving Teeth Whitening Strips are the ultimate in convenience. No messy mouth trays, no drooling painful mouthguards, no pens, no syringes, no washing up or rinsing etc. Simply apply the strips to your teeth and let them do the work.


Bliss oral care is an Australia Based company manufacturing and delivering a range of dentist developed dental/oral care products to all Australians with a goal to create healthier and whiter smiles. By following stringent ethics and quality standards, we have manufactured products with the help of dental experts to make our products safe and effective for everyone.

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